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Think for a just a minute – you have LOST all your backup data – your records -your financials, your customer list, your history – all the critical information to keeping your business alive!


Think it can’t happen to you? THINK AGAIN!


Look at this scenario:

An eight physician medical practice lost six months of patient records due to unreadable tape backups that were discovered in the process of recovering from a hard drive failure.
DAMAGES:  About $312,000 in billable time, patients who left the practice and repairs.


What backup system do you have currently?

Is it one key person in charge of backing up?  


What if that person becomes disgruntled, goes on vacation, or quits?

Are the backups stored securely and safely offsite?


Who has access to them and are they protected?

Are you positive all the data you need backed up is done on a regular basis?


How can you be sure?

Have you tested your backup to ensure it can restore?


Many businesses “think” they have a backup system but when it comes time to restore data, end up with nothing. If your backup system was damaged or completely lost due to fire, water, theft, or deleted data how would your recover or “could” you recover?

Our “collocation” emphasizes state of the art technology, reliability and redundancy, 24 hour security and the ability to backup and store your critical data on a daily basis!

Trinity Computer Systems “Remote Backup System” is simple and reliable. We come on site to perform the initial backup of your data and then perform regularly scheduled, automatic offsite backups of the data you select. 
Our backups are automatic, secure, reliable and very affordable? 
We can backup up to 25Gb of data for only $50 per month!!!  
Just imagine the peace of mind you will have knowing, should a problem arise, you have a reliable and accurate backup of your critical data!

PLEASE take the time to analyze what you have in place now and contact us today if you would like to discuss our Remote Backup System and how we can secure your critical business data!